Paddle Battle

Ive just launched my first game for android, Paddle Battle.

In Paddle Battle players compete in retro style game-play, using power-ups, quick reflexes, and physics to out score the opponent. 


The game features both single player and two player modes.

One of the unique features of the game is the use of dice as a means of powerups. 

In the launch build, there is only 1 die. This die influences the way the ball acts.

Each ability has its oposite effect on the other side of the die
1. Repells the ball and all other powerups that are in the area of influence.  6. Attracts
2. Causes any ball that crosses over its area to increase in size. 5. Causes balls to shrink.
3. Causes balls that enter its zone to speed up. 4. Causes balls to slow down.

The area of influence is marked by the blue Particle effect.


There are other powerups in the form of capsules. Currently only 1 exists in the form of a Red and White capsule. When collected by a player its spawns an extra ball.
There was a Yellow and White Growth powerup in the works, but it was removed just before the final release build, and hopefully will be reworked and included in an update

Other future update Ideas : 
Have a 2nd die that affects only the paddles.

Currently I have 2 versions up, one free, one paid
The free version displays an ad at the bottom, and doesnt include the multiplayer mode

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