Super Fist Puncher - Brawler Project

This started as some tinkering with a combo system, but eventually kind of formed into a physics based
brawler game with destructible environments. Eventually maybe a story, or some kind of overall design.

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In this game, players bounce around a zero gravity space station manning lasers to fight off attackers.

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Professional Work

This is a list of the currently published titles I have worked on professionaly


Ad for Spectrum Internet :

Made a small game that was used for footage in a commercial for spectrum internet. Not much of a game, but one of my
first freelance jobs, and pretty exciting.


Worked as part of a small team to create The Horus Heresy Drop Assault for IOS and Android.
I worked on this title for over a  year full time. I worked on a little of everything, from base building to combat,
menus, achievements, daily missions, social media integration, android porting, and in house design tools. 

Some of my key contributions were : 

Spreadsheet integration - Allowing designers to use spreadsheets and spreadsheet functions to manage game data,
and update game content instantly. 

Map Editor - Built a map editor to allow the design team to quickly create maps with scaling difficulty.
The editor covered the entire process from assembling the art for the terrain, laying out the buildings and
defences and configuring them, to baking and exporting the navigation data. Also included a Unity plug in so that
the configured terrain could be imported into unity, and handed off to the art department for lightmapping,
mesh merging, and other artistic touch ups. 

Achievement System - Built a robust achievement system that was entirely editable from spreadsheets,with full support for
combinations of completion conditions, and full support of logical operations between them (AND, OR, XOR)

Warhammer Horus Heresy Drop Assault


Worked as part of a team to update and re-release TMNT RoofTop Run for IOS and Android devices.

This project was brought to us after a client was dissatisfied with the state of the project.
It was updated to include new content, bug and performance fixes, and an art overhaul. 

My key contributions include : 

Spreadsheet integration - Allowing designers to use spreadsheets and spreadsheet functions to
manage game data, and update game content instantly.

Achievements and Challenge System - Implemented achievements and challenges to allow players to earn rewards,
nd integrate with Game Center / Amazon Game Circle

Implemented Amazon WisperSync - Implemented Amazons cloud sync feature to allow players to share their
gamestate between Amazon devices. 

Implemented Motion Control - Added motion controls to driving stages.

Misc Reworking game systems - Worked with the design team to debug and rework many of the games existing
systems to match new design goals.

 Worked as part of a small team to create CityVille Invasion for IOS and Android.

Some of my key contributions for this project were : 

Spreadsheet Integration : Worked with design team to facilitate integration of spreadsheet data within game.
Allowing designers to update values in the game data quickly and efficiently.

Collections System : Implemented a system that let players earn in game currency by unlocking more of a region

Replay System : Implemented a system that allowed players to reset their state to the beginning of a mission if they fail.


Worked as part of a team to develop interactive exhibits for local zoo.

We developed a set of games that would accompany the zoos new Arctic exhibit. The games were designed to be fun,
but also educational and scientifically correct. 

One of the main challenges faced was adding in fun game mechanics, but keeping them based in science.

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This is the CTF - RPG Hybrid game.

The idea is there are two players, each picks a class (Currently Theif Or Mage), and tries to bring the flag from the center
of the map to the other side, like football

Each class has a special Ability, 
Mage : Teleports about the width of 1 wall
Theif : T ripples move speed

 Best played with xbox controllers. 
Dpad, A and B

or Keyboard
Arrows NM


The menus may not work with mouse.

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This is another project from a gamejam. This one has actually had additional work on it since the jam, and I hope to keep 
working on it. It draws inspiration from Dreamcast VMU games. Very little interactivity, the only time you interact with the game
is when your character is waiting for instructions in town. You will be able to choose where he adventures, and for how long.
Longer adventures have better rewards. 

A currently planned addition will be optional support for Pebble Smartwatch. Walking with the watch app open will accumulate points,
that will be used in the game.


Bonus GameJam version screenshot:


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